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Because we want to keep shipping costs as low as possible, we prefer to send your order in a box or envelope that fits through the letter box. It is possible to deliver orders to a different address.

There are men who lose their erection fully or partly when they put on a condom.

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How can a condom tear? A rolled up condom feels like a tight rubber band and at that very moment it's going to be put on the most sensitive part of the male body! Within a few minutes you will receive a confirmation of your order by e-mail. On the next page you Pull Off Condom enter your details, choose the payment method and check your order one more time. When you're experienced in putting on a condom, there is hardly an interruption.

The quality of condoms has improved considerably since the introduction of the ISO standard in Posieren Hardcore Blowjob Can I cancel my order?

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Stop and check when you feel the condom slip. Read more about this special comfort shape here. Putting on the condom can be fun! Do your condoms and lubricants contain parabens, perfumes, fragrances, colours or flavours? If you can't put the condom easily, you may need a larger size. A condom is really too small when it rolls back to it's original shape when trying to roll it off.

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Über uns Presse Werbung Jobs Kontakt. Where can I find your General Terms and Conditions? However, a condom can not withstand sharp objects.

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We use the 'vulcanisation' process for making condoms. So even if the order is entered several times because the payment is not successful, only the paid order is sent.
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Have you filled everything correctly? Smell is very important.

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Condoms must comply with the Medical Devices Act in Europe. When the condom slips off after it has been put on, then it's too big. You will then receive confirmation from us that your order has been canceled. These trees originate from the Amazon region, but now also grow in many Asian countries and parts of Africa.

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A lot of people stop using a condom after a couple of times, because you've finally got know each other and she taking the pill. This varies per person, for one it's not a problem and the other doesn't like it. How do you guarantee the quality of the condoms? The use of latex can cause an allergic reaction or anaphylactic shock. MoreAmore has, in addition to testing at the factory, condoms tested once more by an independent laboratory. Send an e-mail to info moreamoreshop.

Which payment methods do you have? Mention your order number and that you wish to cancel the order. This is to prevent damage, pregnancy or the transfer of an STD.

On the overview page you will see a shopping cart for each product. Made from natural rubber latex.

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