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While in London on May 16th Evelyn contacted me to say she had found family on my grandfathers side. It can be literally dangerous. I knew German records were not my area of expertise, but they certainly were Evelyn's. Ich rief dich an, aber wir sind uns beide einig. Today is day 2 of speaking to my mother on the phone and the first steps of having a relationship with her.

To understand racism, sexism you have to understand that.

„White people talk to each other!“

Evelyn is the best! When she called she told me that she had found my mother. Evelyn is truly amazing! But then it became this community dialogue.

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Her knowledge, experience and contacts are also second to none. King pointed to the mountain top and we ran up. Evelyn was awesome in helping me find my family. I want to mention that Evelyn has done all of this with no pay. Again thank you so mutch Miriam israel. We are working on finding other documents as well and her contacts are very helpful in this endeavor.

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My brother has wondered about his history and never knew the story so this has brought him great healing. She has found my birth mother and 2 half brothers and 1 half sister! I was able to contact her about two hours ago. Now Wolfgang, Renate, and I are communicating via Google translator. I wish to thank Evelyn for her help in finding my mother's birth mother. It started in and it began as a conversation amongst a group of people late at night one evening. Evelyn is great at what she does and extremely knowledgeable.

Eventually we hope to meet each other in person. I contacted Evelyn and she was immediately responsive and willing to help. I am very grateful of all that Evelyn did for me. We had always been curious about her beginning. Evelyn has a heart of gold.

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After finishing my studies I would love to work on Soul Sisters full-time to establish our group as a legitimate e. We can't be thankful enough. If it changes your life, let it.

But the main thing is, Evelyn found her for me, how can you search for someone you don't even know exists! She is a blessing!

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„White people talk to each other!“

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