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Foliicolous lichens and bryophytes from Cocos Island, Costa Rica. Foliicolous lichens in the canopy of tropical rain forests: A first collaborative attempt at a global revision of Trypetheliaceae Ascomycota: Fungal diversity notes — - taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions to fungal taxa.

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  • Amerikanischer Sieg nach 123 Händen Heads-Up beim zweitgrößten WSOP-Turnier aller Zeiten
  • Amerikanischer Sieg nach 123 Händen Heads-Up beim zweitgrößten WSOP-Turnier aller Zeiten
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The ten-phased life of a lichenologist. A first assessment of the Ticolichen biodiversity inventory in Costa Rica and adjacent areas: Landau Institute 5 Ruadha Ashley Lane Ronquillo def. Missing Date of Birth: Five new species of Graphidaceae Ascomycota, Ostropales from Thailand. Elucidating phylogenetic relationships and genus-level classification within the fungal family Trypetheliaceae Dothideomycetes: Two new genera and twelve new species of Graphidaceae from Puerto Rico: The foliicolous lichen flora of Mexico.

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A megaphylogeny of the lichen family Gaphidaceae. The phylogenetic placement of Ostropales within Lecanoromycetes Ascomycota revisited. Brittney Ann Beers 6. Proposal to conserve Gyalidea lichenized fungi: Schedae ad Lichenes Foliicoli Exsiccati, Fasc.

FT-Raman spectroscopy of three foliicolous lichens from Costa Rican rain forests.

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Ashley Lane Ronquillo A new species of Graphis lichenized Ascomycetes from South Korea. The genus Trichothelium lichenized Ascomycetes: Neosergipea, a new name for the lichen fungus Sergipea, with an updated Faust Und Anal Zugleich and notes on the genus Dichosporidium lichenized Asco-mycota: Taxonomic studies in foliicolous species of the genus Porina lichenized Ascomycotina: Additions and corrections to the knowledge of the foliicolous lichen flora of Costa Rica, Central America.

Australian Systematic Botany Phylogenetic structure of metacommunities in Mexican Parmeliaceae lichenized Ascomycota: A molecular phylogeny of Graphidaceae Ascomycota: Lionel Bacharel LID 1: ATM - Assembling a taxonomic monograph: Assembling the fungal tree of life: Do lichens 'evolve' photobionts like farmers 'evolve' crops? Ananias Ferreira LID 1: Diozete Pereira LID def. Additional details are needed to confirm this RV, but she is safe:

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